Sunday, September 4, 2011


Stamping has been such a huge part of my life for at least 16 years.  Because We have such a big family I am always busy making birthday cards for them.  Our family has 15 grandchildren, 6 children and spouses and lots of other family and friends.  At Christmas I usually make on an average of 140 cards.  It always seems so overwhelming until the cards and finished and then I feel such joy.  One of my greatest encouragment is when I hear people say "I still have every card you have made and sent me. The other is the wonderful compliments I get back.
Through the years I have made our wedding invitations (100), Thank you, from wedding . And lots of special orders.
My blog is mainly to take you through some of my pictures of cards and talk about what I have learned from the stamping community of wonderful artists, which have inspired me.

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  1. Hello Linda, This is a beautiful card! Is it three cards in one? Gorgeous!!Tami